New Digital Stamps: Bella, Heart of the 90s & Gabbie the Orchid Faery
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New Digital Stamps: Bella, Heart of the 90s & Gabbie the Orchid Faery

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What era claims your heart?

The 90s were an interesting decade for me, the last decade of my youth; I met my first husband, started having kids, discovered the internet. Although there are eras I never lived in that I wish I could experience, my life was heavily defined by the culture of the 1990s. My favorite music artist is Tori Amos with artists of the era like Björk, Ani Difranco, Liz Phair, Bikini Kill and Hole still filling my most listened to playlists. My So-Called Life and Daria were two of my favorite shows as a teenager and I was able to enjoy at least a few years when Mtv still played music videos 😉 So.. this week Bella, Heart of the 90s is a little homage to the decade that defined me. I hope you enjoy!

Tips, Tricks & Color Palettes

I thought I would make it easier for you to hang on to these color palettes by putting them into images you can pin to your color palettes board on Pinterest. You are welcomed to share these on your blog or social medias =) Here is my Pinterest board for color palettes in case you’re interested.

If you have Promarkers instead of Copics, I found a handy color comparison tool that you can use to convert these colors to their Promarker equivalents. I haven’t found anything similar for Spectrum Noir markers just yet but if you know of one -please- comment below with the URL. It would be wonderful if everyone could use these color palettes.

Bella, Heart of the 90s

Bella, Heart of the 90s Copic Color Palette by Amanda S Byron,


TIP: Make sure your blush is blended out a little better than mine here! haha

I’ve been trying this webcam for the coloring videos but I can’t get a sharp focus with it 🙁 It is faster than my digital recorder but it looks like I will be going back to the digital recorder as the quality is so blurry here.. However, for now, relax with some Tori Amos (if they don’t mute the video anyway!) and enjoy this slightly blurry speed color for Bella, Heart of the 90s.

Gabbie the Orchid Faery

I am going to try to do more colored pencil coloring this year. I love coloring with colored pencil but it can be time consuming compared to markers, so I tend to go for the markers as time is something I seem to have less and less of. I am not quite confident in my colored pencil skills just yet but when I am comfortable that I can give you a color palette that doesn’t include loads of mistakes I will start adding palettes for Prismacolor pencils as well. Maybe 😉

Gabbie the Orchid Faery by Amanda S. Byron

Tip: Use your white pencil to burnish highlight areas. If you’ve built up enough areas, it won’t take the highlight down to white. Instead it will lighten and soften the colors you’ve built up for a natural highlight.

And For Your Project Inspiration…

Project by DT Amy featuring Bella, Heart of the 90s

Beautiful tag featuring Bella, Heart of the 90s by DT Amy

Gabbie the Orchid Faery card by DT Karen

Gorgeous card featuring Gabbie the Orchid Faery by DT Karen

Card featuring Gabbie the Orchid Faery by DT Vannessa

Beautiful card featuring Gabbie the Orchid Faery by DT Vannessa


Pop over to the shop and grab your new digis!

Bella Heart of the 90s by Amanda S Byron,


Gabbie the Orchid Faery by Amanda S Byron




Our winner of this week’s digis is….


Tina Goodwin!!


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Whimsical wishes!


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  1. Shelley

    Those new digis are seriously cute and thank you for sharing your colour palettes and videos!

  2. Jude

    Such gorgeous digis as always xx

  3. Wanda

    Love love love these! Bought them this afternoon!

  4. Mary Marin

    Oh, I love the new digis! Beautiful inspiration. Hugs

  5. Jeanetta

    The new digis are beautiful! I love your artwork. <3

  6. Erika "Paws"Horvathova

    What a wonderful DT projects – love them. Both digis are adorable – my fav one is Orchid Faery

  7. Sherry Gibson

    Oh, how beautiful everything is! I Love both images and what everyone has made with them. Thank you for the information and the video…will for sure be watching it. 🙂

  8. Donna Mundinger

    WOW! These new gals are gorgeous! I see the 90’s reference, but Bella is just as perfect for today and Gabbie has me longing for a tropical vacation. LOVE! xxD

  9. Millan

    WOW I really love these digis, so beautiful!

  10. Faith A

    Beautiful images, but have to go with Bella, she is how I wish I looked! The 40’s or 50’s are more me LOL.