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December One Day Fae Digi Giveaway – Tinkerbelle

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Season’s Greetings!


It has been a day!! Paypal has been acting up. None of my orders have been processing accurately, I wasn’t getting email notifications for anyone’s orders. Basically, anything that could go wrong decided to go wrong -today-. I soooo needed a break from that and was relieved to sit down and color this beautiful little faery for you today. Unfortunately, all that mess meant I am just squeaking in with the coloring and post. I did record video but I haven’t had time to edit yet so that should come sometime this week =) No color palette either. Ah well.. There is still the very best of all – the free digi for YOU to color!!! =D Yay!!

Tinkerbelle by Amanda S Byron

In exchange for this free digi, all I ask is that you comment on this post with a favorite holiday memory.

When you do color her, be sure to share your project in the Facebook group and feel free to comment on this blog post with a link to where the project is featured on your blog!

After 24 hours this stamp will only be available in the shop (the shop version includes three additional PNG versions). Please be sure to use this digi in accordance with the Terms of Use found here: Please do not contact me asking for the digi if you miss the opportunity. Please make sure that you are not trying to download this digi onto a phone or some other device that has trouble downloading JPGs 😉 I recommend downloading to your computer or tablet <3 Click the image below and the full sized black and white digital stamp will open in a new tab or window. Right click to save it from there =)




Have a faery fantastic week my friend!!


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I live for my family & for making pretties. I’m an Aquarius with Cancer moon & rising. (So I’m a little eccentric and my feelings run super deep). I love to make stuff, draw, paint, cook, read, play guitar, bargain hunt, read tarot & runes and listen to music. I’m trying to love living a more active lifestyle, but I’m an introverted hermit so active’s not so easy!

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115 Responses

  1. Kyla

    Thank you so much! One of my favorite Christmas memories was last winter. Spending the day playing in the snow with my son, who was 3 at the time. We went to the park with one of his friends. They ran around and threw snowballs (handfulls of snow) at each other. Then we pulled them on sleds. And they made snow angels, face first. Later we went home and built a snowman. He stood for all of two minutes before my son knocked him over. But we had so much fun.

  2. Monica Rathbun

    Thank you so very much. She is absolutely stunning!!!
    One of my fondest memories at Christmas is baking German cookies with my mom. I loved those moments we had together just the two of us. I miss her dearly but I continue the tradition with my own children. Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Mindy Beverly

    Thank you so much for the digi! She is Beautiful! My favorite Christmas memory is coloring with my Grandma every Christmas Eve!

  4. Maureen W.

    Thank you so much for this gorgeous freebie!! My fave holiday memory was Christmas of 2003 when I opened a little present ornament that was hanging on our tree and it held an engagement ring!

  5. Debra Laine Kammeraad

    Thanks so much Amanda. She’s beautiful. One of my most favorite Christmas memories is how a family tradition grew through the years. As a young child we always opened up one gift on Christmas Eve and it was always a pair of new pajamas. I carried on that tradition with my daughter’s through the years and now they carry it on with their children. Ironically my youngest grandson turned 18 so I am hoping both my grandsons carry on the tradition with their children one day. MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS Amanda!!

  6. Kelly

    My fave memory is looking at xmas lights on xmas eve with my family.

  7. Ria

    Merry Christmas Amanda and DT 🙂 my favourite memory is when we where at Disneyland Paris it was soo magical at Christmas 🙂

    hugs Ria

  8. IKE

    Thank you so much for her – she is gorgeous. 🙂
    I suppose my favourite was going to Bath in the UK just before Christmas and walking round a huge German Christmas market all set up with pretty sheds and then seeing the Greyhound Rescue group there with all the dogs in their Santa outfits, looking so sweet and asking for a new home 😀

    Best wishes of the season to you and your Team.


  9. veronique

    Merry christmas!
    Thank you so mutch for the wonderful image!
    My favorite christmas memory is putting the christmas tree up with mom and dad!

  10. Melissa (Mel's Card Corner)

    Thanks for the freebie! My favorite Christmas memory was gathering with the entire family at my paternal grandparents’ home every Christmas Eve. We would have dinner then exchange gifts around the fireplace with the smell of their fresh cedar Christmas tree. After exchanging gifts, we would all gather around the table again and play Clue until it was time to go home.

  11. Andree Clark

    Thank you so much for this gorgeous image. My favourite memory of Christmas is when we used to go collect my Nan just before Christmas to stay with us for two weeks as she lived quite far away. Always so exciting! Happy Christmas to you xx

  12. Michelle

    Thank you so much, she’s very cute. One of my favourite memories is the year after my grandad had passed away, I spent Christmas eve with my Gran. We went to midnight mass (which was a huge adventure in itself) and on Christmas morning my Gran had used a pair of her tights instead of a Christmas stocking for loads of wee presents for me….

  13. April

    She’s gorgeous! Fave memory: Hubby got me tickets to see Odessao Cavallia, a Cirque De Solie type horse show, for Christmas Eve. We had premium tickets that included dinner in a tent with private entrance and gift shop, dessert at intermission, a private greeting from a horse and performer following the show, and a tour of the stables. It was amazing!!!!

  14. Patricia pearce

    My favourite would be helping my dad decorate the house with lights and seeing all the happy children that visit. THANK YOU for the great free digi

  15. Sabrina

    Christmas with my grandpa. He passed away 9 years ago. Miss him still. He was always fun and playing with us kids. Happy memories 🙂

  16. Nélida Cordón

    Thank you, it´s just a gorgeous image!! I love Christmas and I have lots of fantastic memories from my childhood. Never the less, my favourite memory is when my oldest daughter was born, her birthday is the 26th of December…She was the best present I´ve ever get for Christmas!!! Well, until my youngest daughter was born the third of January!!
    Merry Christmas!!!!

  17. kerry kennedy

    Thanks for the Digi she’s beautiful.Favourite Christmas memory has to be when my five children were young.I would wade in Christmas paper to get to the sofa when they were opening there gifts.

  18. Linda Montcalm

    Thank you so much for the beautiful stamp. My favorite memory is Christmas dinner at my Grandma and Grandpas’ house.

  19. Kerrie

    Thanks Amanda she’s stunning! My fav Xmas memory that I will always remember is a couple of years ago, my daughter asked for an electric guitar for Christmas. As she’s only 8 now she was a little young for an electric guitar but we managed to get one suitable regardless after all it was top of her list! She had opened all her presents and was thrilled with the lovely gifts she had received. We asked ‘did you get everything you asked for Payton?’ And she happily and excited said ‘YES!’ We then said ‘well there is another gift in the other room, I guess that must be for someone else as you have everything u want! We better send it back!’ Haha she didn’t much like that idea, so we bought it into the living room for her to unwrap…as she did she squealed so loudly!! ‘AN ELECTRIC GUITAR!!’ She didn’t leave it alone all day. Such a grateful little girl! And always has been. 😊 merry Christmas everyone xxx

  20. Rae Ann

    She is gorgeous! Love her! Thank you so much.

    Favorite holiday memory: At the age of three, our youngest daughter was very attached to a stuffed Winnie the Pooh toy and she took it everywhere. One day it went missing from the day care and no one could find it. No one returned it either. She was quite heartbroken. On Christmas morning, Pooh was sitting in their new wagon with a note from Santa saying he had found poor little lost Pooh on his travels and he brought him home where he belonged. She hugged that toy so tightly and gave him a big kiss. She took him straight to her room and put him on her bed. Thank goodness Santa found Pooh!

  21. Sherry Gibson

    Oh, how very Pretty! Thank you!

    Favorite holiday memory… It would have to be the Christmas my father was teasing my sister and I, saying that we could not afford a tree that year or some such reason, not sure why it was. She was six and I was eight. Of course we were very sad about that…but it did not stop us. We went outside and found a large old branch that had fallen down. We decided that would be our tree. My dad and step-mom apparently thought that was the sweetest thing, as the both helped set it up to decorate. We strung popcorn, added light and ornaments. It was the best ever! A memory I will cherish forever!

  22. Lisa Santa Cruz

    Thank you, I am very new to dig stamps. I appreciate your kindness, and when I get a printer I will do my best to give her beautiful color. 🙂

  23. Lynn Harris

    My favourite Christmas memories are of my very spry Grampa, while opening presents, if there was a sticky bow decoration at all, it would be peeled off and he stuck it / them to his bald patch. He would quite happily sit for hours, even through dinner, movies and even supper.. if he could get away with it. My Nan always (half heartedly) told him off, but he’d look at me with a cheeky glint in his eye and promptly ignore her. Miss him greatly as he was my rock and anchor.

  24. Cathie Borowski

    Thank you for this gorgeous Fairy image. My favourite christmas memory will always be as a little kid and having christmas day at my nan’s with all of my cousins there to play with.

  25. monique

    lovely image .going to the nightchurch alone with mine father

  26. Sandra

    my favourite memory as a child was Christmas time at my grandmothers waiting to be told we could have a piece of boiled Christmas pudding and seeing a threepence sticking out and hoping that i was the first person to get that piece. unfortunately we can’t put our coins into the puddings these days.

  27. Sandra

    Thank you for the beautiful digi Amanda, wishing you every happiness this Christmas and for 2016. my favourite memory as a child was Christmas time at my grandmothers waiting to be told we could have a piece of boiled Christmas pudding and seeing a threepence sticking out and hoping that i was the first person to get that piece. unfortunately we can’t put our coins into the puddings these days.

  28. Anet

    Thank you. My favourite Christmas memory is having all the family around at Christmas.

  29. Tammy Valley

    When my hubby surprised me by buying a popcorn machine for my present one year. It was so sweet and I had no idea. 🙂

    Thank you for the very pretty digi! Love her 🙂

  30. Bonnie aka raduse

    Just before my mom passed away, she gave my hubby & I everything we would need to bring a baby home from the hospital as a Christmas present (onsie, warming blanket, crib comforter, teddy bear, wash cloth/towel set). She wanted her still unborn (and not even on the horizon yet) grandchild to have something from the grandmother he/she would never get the chance to know. Still have all of those gifts from her too.

  31. Jenny Broom

    My favorite memory is spending the day with family and friends

  32. Charity Chamberlain

    Thank you so much for this beauty! She is absolutely gorgeous! A favorite holiday memory was when my brother set all of the clocks in the house ahead by 4 hours so that my parents would think it was 5am (that’s the time my they would allow us to get up and open presents).

  33. Rebecca Burton

    Thanks for the lovely Tinkerbelle! My favourite memory would be decorating the tree with my family.

  34. Heather

    Thank you so much, she is beautiful. A favourite memory is when my Uncle surprised us with a visit from Scotland for Christmas. My son was 2 years old, and they had a blast…we all did. My son would make him dress up in my nightgowns at night…it was hilarious……xxxx

  35. Coralee

    Thank you for this gorgeous digi. A favourite Christmas memory is being able to open 1 present Christmas Eve.

  36. Margo D.

    Oh my goodness! I LOVE your version of Tinkerbell fae! 🙂 ♡ ♡ ♡ Thank you so much! 🙂
    One of my favorite Christmas time memories is when I was in Japan growing up, as an early teenager, & my parents, sister and I went to Korea for a few days and our parents gave us the opportunity to pick out things we wanted from the stores while we were there! A lot of the shops there were things that were handmade! I remember having some dress shoes made specifically for me, getting a painting of Tom Cruise done ((during his IWTV years, so he had long hair)), a mink blanket and such! It was such a great time and fun memories with my family! ♡

  37. Judy Borgia

    One of my fondest memories is getting to play cards with the adults. They let me fill in when someone needed a break and we would play pinnocle into the wee hours of the night.

  38. Mary Marin

    Fabulous coloring! This is a really beautiful digi. Thank you!

  39. Ameera Crafts

    Gorgeous Amanda! Thank you! My favourite memory…my last ‘family’ Christmas. They all live too far away now BUT this year we are visiting my daughter on Boxing Day! Looking forward to that 🙂 Happy Xmas to you lovely lady! xx

  40. Jodi

    My favorite holiday memory is our annual cookie baking day. Lots of fun and good memories (and good cookies!) Thanks for the freebie Amanda, Happy Holidays! 🙂

  41. Tammy Voss

    My favorite memory is running to the Christmas Tree early early early in the morning to see what Santa had brought. We were allowed to open stockings and nothing else until the grownups had gotten up. But the stockings were always chock full of goodies.

  42. Christine Kosmak

    This is just a gorgeous image and I hope when I get around to printing and colouring her I do her justice! THANK YOU so much. I was reading some of the comments above mine to hopefully jog my memory for a “favourite” Christmas memory, but I couldn’t remember any! My family didn’t have much happiness when I was growing up, like loosing a younger sister 2-3 weeks before my 7th birthday in November of 1969, and a lot of other problems. It would be nice to be able to make some favourite/memorable ones this Christmas as it’s been another bad year since loosing my older brother which then caused a lot of extended family problems.

  43. Cathy Holford (Pixie Wildflower)

    How beautiful Amanda. She is so precious. One of my favorite memories of Christmas is taking my little chihuahua to the Christmas parade. He had to wear a sweater of course. He would get so excited. Whatever a human enjoyed, it would enjoy like 20 times more!

  44. Kirsten Persson Kristensen

    Thank you so much for the freebie, Amanda, she’s absolutely wonderful.

  45. tracy bayley

    Thank uou so much Manda. Love your digis a lot! My favourite holiday memory was when we stayed by the beach at christmas. I managed to get a lot of good photos of my family (but me!) which i still treasure today 🙂 hoping i can colour her and my winning digis in soon. Take care and have a wonderful christmas!

  46. Rhoda H

    My fondest Christmas memory, is travelling all the the way from Scotland to New Zealand, to see my 3 grandsons for the very first time. Harrison was just 2 and the twins were about 7 months old. It was a wonderful time and we spent Christmas outside in the sunshine playing with the boys and their new toys. It was lovely to see my daughter Corinne and her husband Rob, as we had not sen them for a few years. xx

  47. Lisa

    Fave memory is being at my grandparents house and having to wait until midnight on Christmas Eve to open presents. It was so much fun, playing games and eating yummy food with all the family that was there.

  48. Karen

    thank you I love Christmas with family and friends spending it as a teenager with my Dads family at teh shacks , diving for fresh seafood to eat and enoy around the BBQ memories are mine forever

  49. Catherine

    My favourite xmas memory is sitting around the tree on Christmas morning watching everyone’s faces as they unwrap their presents! Thanks for the wonderful dig.

  50. Manetta

    she is gorgeous! thank you! My favorite memory is gathering around the Christmas tree every Christmas Eve…big family of 9 kids and 2 parents and everyone of us joined in singing songs while my dad played the guitar and harmonica at the same time (he created a holder by bending a wire hanger to hold the harmonica at his mouth). As the years went by the tradition continued with added family members. We lost our dad on Christmas eve when he was only 42. it took a few years but the memory of Christmas Eve singing certainly helped with the pain of our loss on that day.

  51. Tricia

    My favourite memories were the ones with my grandparents and great grandmother all together. We would spend the day at my grandparents opening gifts and enjoying a big Swiss steak dinner with all of the goodies. My grandmother and great grandmother loved to bake and we just had so much yummy goodness.

  52. Tina

    Favorite memory: gathering around with extended family on Christmas Eve, eating and having so much fun. It was always a big gathering and I miss those days.

  53. Jenny dean

    My favourite Christmas memories is of going to my grandparents where us 21 grandchildren were spoilt and loved

  54. Janell

    My favorite christmas memory is watching all the christmas movies on TV on christmas night with my kids. Thank you for the beautiful digi.

  55. Kathy Stacy

    Thanks – she is so beautiful. One of my favorite holiday memories is holiday baking. I just love making so many different types of cookies with the kids and then sharing them with family and friends. I also love the advent calendar too and even though the kids are adults, I still send them one ever year.

  56. LeAnn Wariner

    My favorite memory is waking up to our Christmas stockings filled to the rim. We never could afford a pretty Christmas stocking. My father would give each of us his large wool socks. We would hang them up and Christmas morning we didn’t run to see what was under the tree we would run to those stockings. My father aka santa would have filled the stockings to the rim with the largest apple and the largest orange I would have seen in my life. I woud just hold and smell the orange it smelled so wonderful and was always the most wonderful tasting thing I ever tasted! The sock always had 1 toy some candy and nuts inside as well. We never was able to afford fruit so that apple and orange to us was amazing!
    I miss my father more than anything he has been gone for 10 years now but those Christmas’s as a child will always put a smile on my face! Merry Christmas to everyone.

  57. Shell

    Thank Q!
    One favorite memory would be when I went to watch my friend 5 kids and let Mom & Dad have the evening off to have a night out. We all made cookies, one favorite of child’s …. Then we made a special ornament for the tree.

  58. Cathy Homan

    Thank you so much for the lovely image. My favorite memories are on Christmas Eve, when my kids and grandkids open their one present. It is always new pajamas! Their excitement that Santa is coming just shines, they are so ready to put on their PJs and get into bed because they know when they wake up, Santa has come to our house! This tradition is at least 60 years old.

  59. barbera.cathy

    She’s beautiful, thank you. One of my favorite memories is when I had moved from WI to TX and I was far away from family, just me and my son. One of the women I worked with invited us to her home for Christmas Eve (she has since become my best friend) and we celebrated
    a traditional Polish Christmas Eve Wigilia.

  60. Danni

    Thank you for the freebie. Hard to choose one favorite holiday memory but I’d have to say any of the Christmas time spent with my great grandma. Although my hubby makes each year super special too…loved the one year he hid copics for me in socks that were under the tree!

  61. Gail

    Thank-you for the freebie 🙂 She is stunning, thanks again. Hope you have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

  62. Jane Proffitt

    Thank you for the beautiful Digi! Hope I can do it justice. My favorite holiday memory happened when I was 4 years old….many, many, many years ago. I received a mama doll that I had wanted and still have her today. If that doll could talk, I am sure she would have a lot of stories to tell. Ha!

  63. Wanda

    Thank you so much! My favorite memory will be this year for sure. My parents live 8hrs away and my mom has flown out to us to spend the days before Christmas with us. We have baked, played, cleaned, cooked, crafted, made chocolates, and gone for a walk. The kids are loving having Grannie here with us. This will definitely be a great memory for us.

  64. Sharon

    My best Christmas memory happened 2 years ago – we were in temporary accommodation, we had lunch in a local restaurant which wasn’t great. All gifts for the kids had to be small – doesn’t sound great???? The reason for this is 3 days later we boarded a plane that brought us to our new life!!! Yes we moved to Michigan and have never looked back!

  65. Sean

    My favorite Cheistmas memory was getting up super early and taking all the ornaments off the Christmas tree so we had to re-decorate it! I did it almost every night the week leading up to Christmas! Drove my mom CRAZY!!

  66. Marji

    Thank you. She’s so pretty

  67. Zany Rin

    She is so pretty Manda. Thank you for creating her along with all your other fabulous creations. My favorite holiday memory goes far back … we used to do Christmas eve at my Aunt’s house and my grandmother would always stay over so one year I decided to sleep over with my cousin. We were the last ones to still be up and we heard a noise coming from downstairs. Us being young and fearless event to investigate because we feared for our grandmother because she was sleeping on the couch in the family room. So we trek down the stairs with baseball bats in are hands getting closer and closer to the mysterious noise. In the mean time my uncle was in the kitchen getting something to drink and was well aware of the noise saw us creeping through the house with our bats like we were on the hunt. He ended up going through the dining room on the other side of the kitchen coming up behind us. He said ‘Boo’ and we reacted. Needless to say he wasn’t to happy with us when the lights came on and we were caught beating up my uncle for making us think he was a burglar trying to harm our Nana. In the end my uncle ended with not only a bruised face and achy body but a bruised ego as well when it came to sitting at the table for dinner and having to explain his appearance to the rest of the family when thd came to dinner. As nd if you are wondering what the mysterious noise was that we initially heard it wound up being the very people we were trying to save … our Nana … snoring like a wild beast.

  68. Charlene Mitchell

    She’s so beautiful! Thanks so much for this gorgeous freebie! I can’t really think of one favourite Christmas memory – spending time with family and friends makes every Christmas great! I’ll be travelling to another province on Christmas day for a week, to see family and friends! Here’s to making new memories . . . Wishing you a very merry Christmas and all the best for 2016!

  69. April S.

    Thank you so much! One of my favorite Christmas memories was going out with my dad to cut down a cedar tree for the house. I still do that today with my family!

  70. Shawna

    First i want to say thank you for your talent and for sharing that talent with us. I think my best Christmas memory was when I was little. I had to go to bed on Christmas eve. So I remember getting out of bed and staring out the window looking for Santa. Well I swear to this day I saw him flying With the reindeer and sled and all! I also remember running back and jumping in bed! Now I’m not crazy, I swear! But I can STILL see it in my mind that’s how real it was….to ne! Lol

  71. Beth W.

    Hey pretty lady! A favorite XMas memory is singing Christmas carols while taking a walk with my MD family ~ and it was snowing!

  72. Lynn MacAlister

    Thank you so much for your generous gift.
    My favourite Christmas memories are all associated with early Christmas’ spent at home with my Mum & Dad. Although they worked so hard they had very little, but they still managed to make Christmas a beautiful, magical time. They also made sure that whilst there were presents and lots of good things to eat, that the real Christian meaning of Christmas was a central feature of the season.

  73. Debbie Pamment

    Thank you sooo much – Tinks is one of my FAVOURITE characters….
    My favourite Christmas memories involve having all of our neighours over on Christmas Eve Eve (23rd) and this year will be a favourite soon too – my daughter is living overseas and this year we are celebrating Christmas as a family again after 3 years without her 🙂

  74. Tazmadazz

    The year my grandfather drove over 100 miles with a Christmas tree on top of his car. Apparently by the time it arrived at our house mom said it looked like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. By the time she was done decorating it, you would not have known it was nay different from any other tree we had in prior years.

  75. Trina Flynn

    Thank you for the beautiful digi Tinkerbelle 🙂 My favorite Christmas memory was when my mom, dad, brother, sister in law and their two children came over to my house for a wonderful Family Christmas dinner. We all sat around talking and laughing while my brothers kids and my kids enjoyed opening their presents. It was just a great day for everyone and a memory that will never be forgotten. Happy Holidays to Everyone 🙂

  76. Bambi Hamilton

    Thank you so much, Amanda! As I’ve said before, I’ve always loved your work. You’re so talented! One of my favorite Christmas memories is of driving through what’s referred to as, “The Plaza”, area of Kansas City, MO, with my family. Grandma and Grandpa were with us, and it was my oldest sons first time seeing Christmas lights (At least the first time, when he was talking.). He had us all chuckling, as he repeated, “pee ights”. lol! (Pretty lights)

  77. Lisa T

    Thanks! She is beautiful. I love looking through old family photos of Christmases when my 2 daughters were little. Those are always fun!

  78. Suzanne H

    I haven’t got a favourite memory of Christmas. There are so many family times and presents and walks around Christmas, it’s hard to pick just one. Thank you for the digi, she is beautiful

  79. amy

    thank you for the beautiful image-My favorite Christmas memory- bringing my husband to Christmas at my Mom’s house for the first time…he is Jewish and had never experienced Christmas. He was in for a treat- crazy and loud family members, presents galore and throwing wrapping paper at each other across the room. Thankfully he blended right in and 20 years later we celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas every year with our son!

  80. KT Fit Kitty

    She’s beautiful! My favourite holiday memory is when Dad used to hide the elves around the house and we would find them in places you’d least expect to see them! It was fun!

  81. veleggiando07

    Oh, thanks so much for this adorable digi and I wish you a Merry Christmas!!!
    I always remember when I was a kid and I hid me behind the curtains near the Christmas tree, the night before Christmas, to see Santa, but I never succeeded in it…ehe 😀

  82. Pam

    She is beautiful. Thank you

  83. Hilde Larsen aka Tindaloo

    Thank you so much for this lovely Tinkerbell freebie! ♥ Favourite christmas holiday memory… me and my dad on vacation together in Puerto Rico (on Gran Canaria of the Canary islands, belonging to Spain) I was about 14 and had a HUGE crush on a swedish tourguide, still recall the butterflies in my tummy every time he looked at me or even talked to me.. me fainting almost *lol* 🙂

  84. Erika "Paws"Horvathova

    Thank you for the freebie :D.
    My fav Christmas memory is when I saw christmas tree for the very firt time as a child 🙂

  85. Sue Price

    We had just returned to Canada following a six month stay in the USA, where my dad was going to school to learn about something called a computer. We had our things in storage while we were away and had asked for them to be shipped to us. Due to the bad weather , our things did not arrived in time for Christmas. No furniture, no stockings, no decorations. With 4 e kids expecting Santa, we wondered if he would find us, and where would he put the gifts, as we had no tree. My mom came up with a solution. She borrowed a strand of lights from our new neighbours and wound it around a laundry basket. It was really fun as we sat on the floor, sipping hot chocolate and staring into the lights of the tree (basket). The next morning all us kids were so happy to see that Santa did find us and the basket was filled with gifts. I was 10 that year and for the first time in my short life, I understood that Christmas wasn’t about presents, it was about family and as long as we were together, it didn’t matter that we didn’t have need all the “stuff” as along as we had each other.

  86. INGRID


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  87. Hanne

    I have so many good holiday memories that it’s really difficult to pick just one… But maybe one of my favourites is when my family spent Christmas up in the North at a cabin and my hubby (well boyfriend at that time) was with us for the first time.

    Thank you Amanda for this gorgeous digi – wonderful Christmas gift! 🙂

  88. Jay

    Thank you so much for your kindness, I cant wait to bring this beautiful girl to life over the festive period! My favourite christmas memory is every Christmas day, as this is the only day that the entire family can come together and for me, every Christmas day is a day of my fondest memories!

    Thank you again Amanda, wishes you and your wonderful team happy holidays from England!

    Cuddles Jay xxx

  89. Ruth

    Bringing my baby son home from hospital, having given birth the day before.

  90. Leadonna Fritts

    Thanks so very much for the beautiful Tinkerbell! She’s quite lovely! One of my favorite Christmas memories is going to the candlelight love feast in the evening. There’s just something magical about looking around at everyone as they hold their candle and seeing the light shining on their faces and in their eyes. So much beauty in the moment that you want to cry because you just can’t hold the love and joy inside. The tears spill down your face and blur the candlelight softening everyone’s faces and they take on an angelic glow. It happens to me every year and I sincerely hope that feeling of magic and otherworldliness never leaves me!

  91. Suzi McKenzie

    Thank you Amanda she is gorgeous, going to have fun colouring her up that for sure 🙂
    Favourite Christmas memory? So hard to choose, Christmas was always wonderful when i was a kid, but they all seem to blend into one wonderful memory, you know that wonderful feeling you get knowing you get to spend time with the people you love and give and receive presents. I think my all time favourite is probably the first christmas I spent with just me and my husband, the first of many wonderful xmas days where we relax, eat yummy food and watch our favourite programmes on TV. Xmas Day Doctor Who is always a highlight 🙂

  92. cecilia Gunnarsson

    Thank you so much Amanda:)
    My best memorie is when I got a speciall christmas from My father every christmas … Not Any Fancy stuff BUT for me it was The best present …. A ordinarie drawing paper !! Im still thinking of that tradition My father had With that for us Girls !! Hes an artist and My intrest of draw and colouring cones from hon :))) meeen christmas to you Amanda
    Cicci vid pennan

  93. Donna Mundinger

    Thank you so much, Amanda! She’s just beautiful. My favorite Christmas memory is going shopping for a tree with my Daddy and coming home and watching him hang the lights. Then the two of us finished the decorating (including hanging the tinsel strands one by one) while a Christmas special played on the TV. I especially remember the very first year of A Charlie Brown Christmas which was the first year we had a color TV. (Yes, I be old.) LOL Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful team and a very healthy, happy New Year. xxD

  94. Lisa

    The year I turned eight, I wanted a Cabbage Patch Kids baby. I didn’t et one when I opened my gifts but loved everything and never thought about it. At dinner, my mom went in the bedroom, came out and said Santa came back. I got the baby. It was awesome. My grandparents were there to see it and it was special because it was one of the last Christmases with my grandpa.

  95. SharonH

    Thank you for this beautiful Tinkerbell! My favorite Holiday memory is our whole family going to my grandmother’s house on Christmas and eating her wonderful homemade noodles, dressing, pies, everything was SO delicious!

  96. Lisa

    I think my favourite was last year because the Christmas dinner was the best EVER!! Christmas is always great when all my family is around.

  97. Sharyn

    Going with Dad to pick out the tree.

  98. Kathi

    Thank you Manda! One of my best memories is receiving my Raggedy Ann when I was 5. I still have her 41 years later 🙂

  99. Cheryl

    What a gorgeous little fae, thank you for the free digi! My favorite Christmas memory is going to Christmas Eve Candlelight service with my mom….I miss her so much!

  100. Trina

    I don’t know for sure, but I think I’ll have a great memory after this Christmas. My son is almost 7 months old and just had surgery this morning. He’s doing fine (sleeping on my chest as I type). It’s going to be great to see him enjoy his first Christmas even though he’ll have no idea what the big deal is…

  101. Johanna

    Thank you for the beautiful image! Can’t wait to color her. My favorite memory is opening my christmas stocking for the lifesaver book and mini playing cards. Funny the things we remember the most with gifts!

  102. Linda Kupstas

    Amanda my favorite holiday memory is when I was about 5-6 my uncle Red made me a homemade table and chairs and my parents bought me a tea set and a baby doll and I woke up to that for Christmas. We were pretty poor so this was a great treat for me. I was in 7th heaven and I ran to my dad thinking he made the table and chairs and almost knocked him down. The then told me it was my favorite uncle who lived just around the corner from us. He took me over after breakfast to thank him and he told me I was his favorite niece and he loved making it for me. It is one memory I will always hold dear.

  103. Linda Kupstas

    Amanda thanks for the beautiful fairy I am going to print and color her tonite she is wonderful.. Thanks for being so thoughtful and sharing images with us.

  104. Keersten

    Thank you for the fae!! She is adorable. My favorite Christmas memory is of my mom and dad. My brother was getting a little red wagon that year, on christmas eve my dad finished putting it together. So my mom hopped in it and my dad pulled her around the house with her giggling in it. I must have been 12, but it was a wonderful sight to see and I wish I could see it again!

  105. Cazzy (Carol Vile)

    Thank you, she is pretty – and for the coupon. My favourite memory is waking early before we could get up and finding a full stocking (one of my gran’s thick ones) full up at the end of my bed, and sitting there finding lots of little gifts.

  106. Jude

    Thank you, she is adorable.
    My favourite memory would have to be when I was younger, I could never get to sleep on Christmas Eve. One time I heard ‘Father Christmas’ at the end of my bed filling my stocking with treats, I was so desperate to look but scared at the same time x

  107. Lucy Patrick

    Thank you so much for the free digi, she is absolutely gorgeous! One of my favourite memories was just made last night when me and our two children met hubby in the city (Melbourne, Aust) and enjoyed all the festivities they had on offer, it was beautiful. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas at Faery Ink and a Happy New Year. XOX Lucy

  108. Gloria Shirr

    Thanks so much for the free digi. She is gorgeous. My daugher and family live in MO; so one year she video taped each child opening our gifts to them. I will always cherish watching those videos of my grandchildren and being part of their Christmas as little children. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hugs, Gloria

  109. Manda

    I am loving these Christmas memories so much!! Thank you for sharing these little pieces of your life with me 😍🎄 ((hugs))

  110. Michelle

    My fav holiday memory is of my daughter erin as a baby. Her father was trying to read Twas the night Before Christmas and she was playing with a snowglobe on her uncle’s lap. She started getting squirmy and loud while her dad continued on…next thing my brother didn’t hang on properly and the globe dropped and smashes on the floor. The reading continuing til the bitter end! It was funny.

  111. Maria K

    Having the whole family together when our parents were still with us and people weren’t as far away. Some of our gatherings were ridiculous when you thought of the sheer! Thank you for the digi Amanda…and Merry Christmas!

  112. irmz

    Thanks a million for the digi! I will be having some fun over my mini vacation ;). So many memories to choose from, but I remember when I was 4 or 5 years old, I made out my Christmas list and every item that I had asked for was given to me. I think more than anything it was the innocent belief that all I had to ask and Santa would be able to give it to me, since I was always in the nice list. Another memory is just being around family, and enjoying each other’s company… miss those innocent days of long ago…

  113. Lisa Randazzo

    Beautiful faerie, sadly I missed the give-away, she’s beautiful.
    One of my favorite memories is the phone calls I would get every year at midnight from my father. Drunk as heck, always singing “White Christmas” He passed away Dec 7th, 2001, so I really miss those calls

  114. Lucy Patrick

    Just wanted to let you know I created a card with your gorgeous free faerie image – here’s the link if you get a chance to check it out
    Thanks again for such a wonderful freebie, she was such a delight to colour XOX Lucy