New Digital Stamps: Demera Star Angel & Rockabilly Autumn Rose
» » » New Digital Stamps: Demera Star Angel & Rockabilly Autumn Rose

New Digital Stamps: Demera Star Angel & Rockabilly Autumn Rose

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Angels are kinda like faeries..

I mean, they have wings and they fly. Sure, faeries are known for mischief and a wee bit of trickery, but angels have been known to get into a little trouble now and then too 😉

Before I go on about the new digis added today, a little reminder about our weekly giveaway! Comment on this post and any other post that starts with “New Digital Stamps” (from this month) to win free digi’s from next month’s releases! Learn more about the New Release Weekly Giveaway here.

Our winners for this week will be announced at the bottom of the post!!! So read on to see our designers’ gorgeous makes from this week’s releases and to find out if you’re a winner =)

This week’s releases are the beautiful Demera Star Angel and our pin-up-esque Rockabilly Autumn Rose. I’ve been told a few times that I live in my own little world, and I don’t argue that this isn’t the case. I mean, I take vacations to so-called ‘reality’ from time to time (like when I’m paying bills etc…) but for the most part I do like to live in a world where faeries hang out in the garden, specter’s chill out in the dark hallway outside my bedroom door waiting on a chance to haunt my nightmares and deja vu’ is, in fact, a memory from a parallel universe where I also exist and have already had this experience.

But it doesn’t mean that only strange, fantastical or even bizarre creatures are all that live in my little bubble world. No, teen stylistas live in my little world too and such is the case with our Rockabilly Autumn Rose. She is for those among us who fantasize about fashion instead of faeries, trends instead of treants, what’s going on in the real world instead of witches and their little cat familiars.

So I hope you enjoy our lovely, star-haloed angel Demera and our Autumn Rose with all her Rockabilly attitude =)

Demera Star Angel



DT Julie is the embellis queen! I love how she ‘dressed’ this card featuring Demera Star Angel. The pinks and blues look so gorgeous together and all her little embellishments move your eye from one area to another. Absolutely amazing! Love love love it!

Rockabilly Autumn Rose


DT Vicky hit the nail on the head with the sentiments in this art journal spread she created using Rockabilly Autumn Rose. I love how colorful the spread is too. And that little butterfly is sooooo cute! I just love this spread so much!! =)


 Pop over to the shop and grab your new digis!







Our winner of this week’s digis is….


Gaby Acosta of Manualidades, scrap y mas de Mariposita’s Gambych ƸӜƷ


I’ll be emailing your new ‘Demera Star Angel’ and ‘Rockabilly Autumn Rose’ digis out soon so make sure you have on your safe senders list. If you don’t hear from me in 24 hours, shoot me an email =)

Check back next week to see if you’re a winner then! Don’t forget to comment on this post for your chance to win next month!!

Are you part of the Faery Ink Group over on Facebook? If so, don’t miss out on the Trick or Treat bag swap DT Paula is hosting! Below is my Trick-or-Treat bag featuring Graveyard Angel. I kind of love making these little bags and will be giving a few away this month in our various events =) Not only will they make cute little additions to your Halloween decorations but they come filled with art goodies and sweet treats. So make sure to get in on the fun <3

And if you haven’t already; Check out the first of our Halloween events:


The Halloween spirit is alive and well here at Faery Ink. Drop by to pick up some digis to decorate your own jack-o-lantern. Come by again later for more Halloween fun and goodies!!

Last but not least – check out the Facebook group to share your makes and join in this month’s challenge – Halloween! 



Whimsical wishes!


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  1. Jeanetta

    The new digis are awesome though my favorite one is the Demera Star Angel!

  2. Mary Marin

    Fabulous new release! And fabulous DT creations!

  3. Tiggerchen

    Fantastic images and wonderful DT work!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  4. Heather

    How exciting to have two new releases so quickly! I love them both because they are so different. Thanks!

  5. Bad Kitty

    all creations are Beautiful

  6. Pammy

    Congratulations Gaby 8)

  7. Tazmadazz

    Both of them are really cute!! The Angel would be perfect for many different occasions and Autumn Rose is just too cute.

  8. Jenn Borjeson

    Oh my gosh, these are just fabulous! Love every new release! 😊

  9. Margo Davis

    Lovely as always! Beautiful creations with the new release! Love the funky pants and big rose detail on Rockabilly Autumn Rose! 🙂 She’s cute!
    Demera Star Angel is my favorite!:) Everything about her is awesome! ♡

  10. Mayumi Adler

    Love the new stamps! Both are really pretty, but specially in love with Demera angel

  11. Erika Horvathova

    The new stamps are so beautiful – really hard to pick which one I like more :), cause both are gorgeous

  12. Kitty

    Stunning new release digi’s they are both gorgous and I love the DT creations.


  13. AJ

    Fabulous images as per usual. Love both of them and the inspirations that are created with them.

  14. {jennifer-g}

    I thought I had commented, but I guess not, oops. I know I’m late but I just wanted to say how awesome these are. Love them, as always. That star halo is perfection!

  15. Wanda

    These are both perfect! I’m currently taking the clothing class and hair and skin class over at Kit and Clowder. Both of these would be perfect for me to practise with!