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Kit and Clowder October Create and Learn

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Witches and Vampires and Jack-O-Lanterns – Oh my!

I’m a dork, I know, but I’m so excited I can’t help myself 😉

If you haven’t noticed, I kinda sneaked in a couple Halloween images a few days ago without mentioning them anywhere..
If you have noticed, and you’re not already familiar with my favorite coloring lessons, you might be wondering what that’s all about.

Well I am here to tell you =)


Alyce Keegan is the amazing artist behind Kit and Clowder, an online learning community where Alyce offers classes to teach new, intermediate and advanced colorists techniques for coloring in pencils, markers, inks and now mixed media as well. All of Kit and Clowder’s classes come in both video and printable booklet format which I love because it means I can read up when I’m not able to be at my computer and also watch the video when I’m ready to sit down and get started.

Alyce has three different course types: Technique – which goes in-depth on a particular facet of coloring (skin & hair and clothing are the two techniques courses I’ve taken and loved!), Project – which teaches you how to create projects with your favorite medium (I loved her perfecting pencil and mixed media project courses!) and Create and Learn – a monthly art lesson where the focus is creating diverse and interesting backgrounds but the lessons cover all elements required to color your very own piece of art. These are a great introduction to Alyce’s teaching style. They are available for pencil colorists as well as marker colorists (I subscribe to both because I love both mediums and you get a discount that way) and they are just as in-depth as her technique and project lessons but for a fraction of the price. For just $15 a month (USD) you can get Create and Learn lessons in your favorite medium (pencil or marker) delivered right to your inbox. Or, do like I do and for $27 a month (USD) get both the pencil and marker classes delivered to your inbox on the 15th of every month and watch your coloring skills soar while you have loads of fun -and- get to create something pretty to frame and hang in your home or to give as gifts to friends and family (the holidays are coming up after all!)

*Kit and Clowder prices are listed in Australian dollars as that is where Alyce lives – so don’t worry – I’ve not lost my mind 😉 Paypal will automatically convert the prices to US dollars (or whatever currency you use where you live).

To show you an example of what you will learn to create with the Create and Learn classes I want to share this month’s projects since they are a couple of my faves – though I may be biased 😉 

I was so thrilled when Alyce asked me to draw a couple cute and spooky Halloween images for this month’s Create and Learn lessons. The first uses Destiny Graveyard Vamp and is Alyce’s colored pencil class project for this month. Yes, she can teach you to color just like this!

(Clicking on the images will take you right to the page where you can sign up for the Create and Learn classes. Make sure you wait to purchase the digis until after you sign up so you can get the exclusive Create and Learn 50% off coupon!)


Some of the techniques you will learn in this colored pencil class: pale vampy skin tones, glow effects, creating fog, creating a full glowy moon, worn fencing, gradients, night sky, graveyard grounding, hair, and creating an overall spooky graveyard atmosphere.

Then we have the adorable Gabbie Halloween Witchfire which Alyce is going to teach you to color in the Create and Learn marker course:


In this course you’ll learn to use your markers to create: glow effects, fire, glass, dilapidated wood, bush texture, stone texture, cobwebs, and spooky Halloween lighting for an amazing haunted front porch scene that will make an adorable Halloween decoration that you’ve created yourself and can pull out year after year as part of your spooky celebrations.

Although the Create and Learn classes do not ‘officially’ come with one-on-one feedback (though her technique courses do!) Alyce is known for being super sweet and helpful and is always available to answer your questions. Did I mention that Kit and Clowder hosts a huge Facebook community where other ‘Clowdies’ (like myself) share their works and offer one another support and encouragement in their learning?

Sooo why are you still here? 😉 Hop over to Kit and Clowder and sign up for the Create and Learn for your favorite medium this month! When it arrives in your inbox, come back and grab your new digis with that exclusive coupon code and don’t forget to share your beautiful new piece of art with your fellow Clowdies and over at the Faery Ink community as well. Tag me to make sure I see!! I love seeing your makes =)


Happy Halloween my friend!!!


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