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Happy Halloween!

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Samhain Blessings & Happy Dias de los Muertos!

I hope those who celebrate are having a wonderful time =) We are a pagan household so while we celebrate Halloween as a fun aspect of the start of the dark half of the year, we also celebrate Samhain as a sacred time of change, to honor our beloved dead, and to prepare for the brutal winter soon coming. It sounds real out-there but basically we share stories about loved ones who are no longer with us, make sure we are stocked up on winter clothes/blankets and get our jack-o-lantern carved and on the porch to scare off evil spirits 😉

In the area where we live ‘Beggar’s Night’, or the night when the kids get to trick-or-treat, was Thursday the 29th. This is new to me as where I’ve previously lived there was no ‘Beggar’s Night’ and the kids trick-or-treated on Halloween. On one hand, it feels like it takes some of the special out of Halloween, on the other it frees up Samhain for more spirit-centered activities (or adult parties etc..). So I think I will grow to like it. But we definitely brought the spookiness of Halloween to ‘Beggar’s Night’ with the kid’s costumes =)


Tony went as the devil and Autumn went as La Santa Muerte. Their costumes came out great, I think. Good and scary muahahahah 😉

We saved carving our jack-o-lantern for Halloween night / Samhain. I still have to get our seeds in the oven but I like to make sure they are good and dry first.


My youngest and I are watching scary shows (Scream Queens actually) to finish the celebrations off. I’m not a huge fan of Scream Queens (it is a new show on FX channel if you aren’t familiar) but I love Jamie Lee Curtis so it’s tolerable but it means I need to do something to keep me busy while it’s on or else I will conk out for a nap 😉

Our Halloween Party at Faery Ink has Ended

Here at Faery Ink the party has come to a close (yesterday actually) and it is time to announce the winners of our little giveaway.

I hope all who participated had a good time and enjoyed the digi and pixel goodies. Because there wasn’t a huge number of participants, I thought everyone could get a little something =) So while our 3 big winners will receive a Halloween package in the mail, everyone is going to be getting a gift certificate for some free Faery Ink goodies in their emails <3

And now…

the winners are…

(chosen via random.org)….

Dun Dun Dun…

Jeanetta Scott with her adorable Halloween party page…
Tracy Welham and her spooky cute Halloween party page…
and … Tazmadazz and her wickedly fun Halloween party page! 

Please email me at manda-@-faeryink.com within the next 7 days with your mailing address so I can get your Tricks and Treats in the mail <3

Erika and Annie please email me so I can get your gift certificates to you =)

The Halloween Fun is Still Going at Kit and Clowder!

I thought I would share my results from Kit and Clowder’s October Create and Learn. I am really proud that Alyce asked me to make some images for this Create and Learn. Alyce is a wonderful artist and an equally amazing teacher =) If you haven’t signed up already you need to! Although Create and Learn is a monthly class, the class for these two images in particular is only available until mid-November, so hurry if you want to color these like you see below!


Here is my go at the alcohol markers lesson using Gabbie Halloween Witchfire..


Mine might look a wee bit different than the lesson example but I used the same techniques she teaches in the lesson, the only difference being that I chose different colors. Where she teaches a light glass door, I used the warm gray range of Copics to create a dark glass on the door with the exact same technique. The same leaf effect that Alyce teaches for the bushes, I applied with W9 copic marker around the ghoul eyes in the bushes to make it look like the creepers are deep in the bushes peering out.. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot in this lesson that I will be applying to future images.

Then there was the doozy! Markers are a great way to get something colored quick and easy (but still beautifully). I might spend a few hours on a scene like the one above, but with colored pencils, that same scene could take me up to 12 hours. So, although I prefer the richness of color you can achieve with colored pencils, time often keeps me from pulling them out. When I approached this lesson I knew I still had sooo much to learn and mistakes a many were made! In fact, I almost tossed my first attempt..


That was my first go at the October Create and Learn Colored Pencils lesson. I actually really liked everything until I got to the sky and it turned into a terrible mess… (You can’t see the neon yellow in this because my scanner can’t pick fluorescent colors up :() The reality is, I stayed up way past my bedtime working on this and continued pushing through when I really should have set it down and come to it fresh at a later time. In a way, that’s what I eventually did. A few days later I started this lesson all over, got warmed up really good then decided I wanted to go back to the first and see if I couldn’t fix what was bothering me.


It still isn’t perfect but I was really happy with how it came out nonetheless. I worked on the sky some more and greyed the bright gold fence in the background down. This one you can see the neon yellow in because it is a photo, rather than a scan. I had so much fun and learned a lot. I actually have a few images planned out for colored pencil coloring in November and December now. Look how beautifully the glow from the jack-o-lantern blends with the foggy ground? I loved this lesson!!

As you can see there is so much to learn from these lessons whether you are a beginner or a more advanced colorist, and at around $15 per, or $27 for both, it’s a great deal! So go sign up while these lessons are still available! =)

But if you can’t sign up right now, don’t worry. Every month you’ll learn something new! Next month’s Create and Learn includes a special backgrounds handbook that you won’t want to miss =)


Annnnd …

The Faery Ink fan page over at Facebook has surpassed 1000 likes! Which means I will be adding a new free digi to the shop very soon! So keep an eye on your inbox! <3

Whimsical wishes!


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