New Digital Stamps: Witchball & Doodlebug Teddy
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New Digital Stamps: Witchball & Doodlebug Teddy

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Dare you look into the magical Witchball?

Or Crystal Ball or Scrying Sphere or Enchanted Globe etc… If the powerful feminine archetype known as the witch is too much for you – never fear we have teddy bears this week as well! Yay!


But if you love witches, like me, then you are going to looooooooooooove this week’s new digi ‘Witchball’ and the absolutely breathtaking card our DT Julie made from it below.

Witchball Card by Julie Gleeson

Witchball 3-D by Julie Gleeson
DT Julie does some amazing 3-D effects on this card! I love the eclectic color choices and that little eye is creepy cool!!! Julie really did such a fantastic job of combining feminine and dainty with a little creepy and mysterious. Gorgeous work!

Doodlebug Teddy

Maybe ‘creepy and mysterious’ isn’t your thing, or maybe your tastes are as eclectic and diverse as my own. Below we have two adorable cards made from the super cute ‘Doodlebug Teddy’ digi =)



Above is a lovely card by DT Valou featuring Doodlebug Teddy with all the dainty details that so perfectly match this sweet little digi. That bow on the side and the lacey ribbon are absolutely adorable against that floral patterned paper!



DT Audrey uses mostly earth tones in this retro feeling card using ‘Doodlebug Teddy’. The colors, the patterned papers and the playful fold of this card really brings to mind those good ol’ days of childhood when things were simple and sweet.

Pro Tip:

The colors you choose when coloring digis (and in choosing papers and other materials when creating your projects) can really set the mood and create an emotional reaction in your viewers. Above you can see the contrast between Valou’s very light, very dainty card and Audrey’s bolder and more vibrant card. While Valou’s card reminds us of the innocence and fragility of little girls and childhood, Audrey’s on the other hand – just by using bolder colors, makes us think more about the playfulness and daring that is also a part of youth. They both did wonderful jobs on these cards and in being so different, showed us the versatility of this adorable digi. To use color to create a mood in your projects, think about how certain colors make you feel, put colors side by side and consider your reaction to them, also, look at famous paintings to get an idea of how the masters used color to create an emotional reaction in their viewers. Lastly, it wouldn’t hurt to Google “Creating Mood with Color” 😉


Grab your new digis before you go!

Don’t forget to pick up your Witchball and Doodlebug Teddy digis at the shop.





And please drop by the blogs of our lovely designers: Julie, Valou and Audrey to learn more about how they created the cards above.

Have a fantastic day!


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