New Digital Stamps: Breezy Mermaid & Ragdoll Heart
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New Digital Stamps: Breezy Mermaid & Ragdoll Heart

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Can you feel the breeze?

This little mermaid sure does! I was just doodling in my little sketchbook when this sweet mermaid found her way from my mind to the paper. Usually I think of something to draw and then I draw it but this little mermaid snuck up on me.. I just fell head over heels for her with her big smile and that hair waving in the wind.. I think she is just precious and I’m super glad she found her way through me and onto the paper and now into your hands <3

Breezy Mermaid


Don’t you love the warm colors DT Samantha used when creating this beautiful, summery card from Breezy Mermaid? You can almost feel the sunshine. All the feminine touches with the flowers, lace and bow are perfect too. Just gorgeous!

Breezy Mermaid is a great digi for the new colorist and too cute to resist for advanced colorists. I am thinking of making some customized beach buckets for my nieces with this one. What kind of projects might you use Breezy for?

Ragdoll Heart

My Grandma was huge into crafting and although I’m sure my mom would argue this (since I’m speaking of my paternal grandmother) I am pretty sure my artsy inclinations came down from my Grandma Devona. When we were little our Christmas gifts every year were something awesome she would put together by hand including ragdolls, life-sized pillows of our favorite characters and of course she baked like crazy so we always had lots of Christmas cookies. This is why it is so cool that Vicky actually made a Christmas card with our prim little Ragdoll Heart digi <3


I love this Christmas card DT VIcky made with Ragdoll Heart. Ragdoll Heart can be a super easy color for the new colorist and Vicky has shown as much by keeping the coloring simple but still gorgeous. This she contrasts with the Christmas colored chevron pattern paper and the big floral accent to create an interesting and beautiful holiday card.

Pro Tip:

You don’t have to be a fantastic colorist to create beautiful projects with Faery Ink digis (although Vicky IS a fantastic colorist!). If you are new to coloring, start small and simple and let the intricate details be in the project’s accents like flowers, patterned papers, glittery goodies and bows. With each new project, try a new coloring technique or tool. Your coloring will improve with practice and experimentation. Don’t be too hard on yourself – focus on the fun <3


Grab your new digis before you go!

Don’t forget to pick up your Breezy Mermaid and Ragdoll Heart digis at the shop.




And please drop by the blogs of our lovely designers: Samantha and Vicky to learn more about how they created the cards above.

Have a fantastic day!


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