New Digital Stamps Beachball Arielle, Ragdoll Fairy
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New Digital Stamps Beachball Arielle, Ragdoll Fairy

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So it’s summertime..

Well at least for those up here in the northern hemisphere it mostly is ūüėČ And I love it. It’s my time of year for sure. The only season I like better is Autumn and Spring (okay so maybe summertime is in the bottom half of my seasonal faves but it is still miles and miles ahead of the dreaded snowy season….). This week I hope you will love my little beach babe Arielle and for my friends who love ‘primitive’ or ‘prim’ style country art – I just know you are going to love the Ragdolls =) Read on to see more!

Beach Baby, Beach Baby there on the sand…

From July to the end of September..

I don’t know who does that song but it’s catchy for sure.



This beautiful card was made by DT Amy and shows off our lovely Arielle with a kite, and her ball and lots of Summer sun =D  I love the way Amy used the textured and patterned papers to create the sun and ocean. Very clever and artsy I think.

Oh for simpler times..

One of my favorite nationwide (I think?) chain restaurants is the Cracker Barrel. I love sitting with the oil lamps and the huge fireplace, surrounded by photos and paraphernalia of a time long ago gone. Although, no doubt, I would miss air conditioning and refrigerated foods and beverages, I do think we have traded in a lot for all our technology.. These new ragdolls are my cartoon version of the sweet little dolls of the same name from that era long past..


Above you see DT Kel’s beautiful congratulatory card using Ragdoll Fairy. Don’t you love that polka dotted background she used. She has done a wonderful job of keeping the card simple and feminine, just like our Ragdoll Fairy =)


Below is DT Tracy’s adorable make. I love the paper piecing and those vintagey patterns she used in the background. How cute are those measuring¬†tape borders??nr_tracy

Don’t forget to get yours…

Run over and grab your Beachball Arielle and Ragdoll Fairy at the shop.


And please drop by the blogs of our lovely designers: Amy, Kel and Tracy, to learn more about how they created the cards above.

Have a beautiful day!


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