New Digital Stamps Snow White & Rose Red, Cinderella
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New Digital Stamps Snow White & Rose Red, Cinderella

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Once Upon a Time…

The theme this month is fairy tales and this week 2 fairy tales are getting represented!

Snow White & Rose Red


Considering this fairy tale is one of the more obscure ones, I was pretty surprised to see this in the top 3 in the poll we took over at our FB Community. I always enjoyed the story myself so I was glad that it got the response that it did.. This stamp was so much fun to create and as you can see in Samantha’s project above – once colored it becomes a beautiful centerpiece in any project. I just love the contrast Sam created with the white and red!



Cinderella seems to always be a fan favorite. It has always been my mother’s favorite fairy tale anyway and certainly I’ve enjoyed every film version of it I’ve seen, thus far. I thought that Gabbie’s sweet and innocent face would be perfect for the kind and caring Cinderella. She was a pleasure to draw and brings a smile to my face every time I see her. I love the 3D effects Jane created in this card. The clock in the upper corner and the little shoe down below are so iconic of Cinderella. There are so many ways to embellish a card themed around the Cinderella story and this digital stamp of Gabbie as Cinderella is the perfect focal point.

Don’t forget your happy ending….

You can snag these lovely girls over at the shop.


And please drop by the blogs of our lovely designers: Samantha and Jane, to learn more about how they created the cards above.

Have an enchanted day!


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