Alice in Wonderland, Fionna the Fairy Digital Stamps and new FacebookCovers

Alice in Wonderland, Fionna the Fairy Digital Stamps and new FacebookCovers

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I love Alice in Wonderland!

Guess what!? I made two new stamps for you to make the most amazing cards, smash books, scrap pages and other super awesome self expressions ever with! One from that Alice sketch I shared with you before. The second from a sketch I made a couple years ago that I always loved and I think you will too. I’ve posted them both over at my Etsy shop. They are fabulous aren’t they? I was so excited to hear that ABC was coming out with a new Once Upon a Time show and it was Once Upon a Time in Wonderland!!!! Have you watched the first episode? I missed half of it but I am going to watch it on the DVR in a bit. I hope it’s as great as the original Once Upon a Time series. Anyhoo, I bet you’d like to see these stamps huh? ^_^

Fionna the Fairy
Alice in Wonderland and her Cheshire Kitty

I may be biased but I think they are beautiful. What do you think? Do you have an Alice in Wonderland lover in your life? Anyone as crazy about fairies as I am?

Well it has been a super busy day for me so I am going to head off and get something to munch on. I hope you have a fabulous weekend filled with fantasy, creativity and lots and lots of joy ^_^

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