I love my Art Journal! =)
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I love my Art Journal! =)

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I’m back! =) And arting again! Yay! I have had a tough time allowing myself to create. I was letting pressure to perform suffocate my muse and deter me from experimenting and making mistakes, which is how we learn anything. I decided to devote my creative time to my art journal for a while. In my art journal, what I make is purely my desire with no worry about who will like it, who won’t like it etc… I can just work to please myself and really I think when creating that is pretty important.

Anyhoo, I thought I would share what I’ve been up to..

Dreams in Color
My Little Mermaid

Both of these were done with a mix of things: Promarkers, neocolor II, a little acrylic and Pitt artist pens.

Tonight I am working on some pretty girls to color for practice with skin tones in colored pencil. It feels so good to be creating again. Life loses some of it’s sparkle when my muse wanders off so I am glad to have her back ^_~

I am thinking I will be moving my stamps back to Etsy now that they have direct downloads. I am also considering putting them into packages so you can get a few at a time for a better price than individually. We shall see =) Right now my priority (outside of home and family of course) is developing creatively.

Oh and I couldn’t post again for the first time in ages without sharing a pic of my little Aiden. He is getting so big! He is nine months old now and walking all over the place. Although he is teething, he is still all smiles and laughter most of the time. It was good to see him and my daughter today though they couldn’t stay long. Otherwise I would’ve gotten more and better photos of course =)

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  1. Melissa Olivero

    Your work is outstanding and I’m so glad you blogged about it. 🙂

    • Manda

      Thanks Melissa <3