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My Faery Art Mother & Celebrating the Journey

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Art journaling, card making and creating cute digital stamps are my three newest passions. I never realized how I had pigeon-holed myself into web graphics. Don’t get me wrong – I still love designing websites and the beautiful graphics to decorate them. But there is something so liberating about being able to hold a colorful piece of artwork that you created between your fingers, in your hands. About mid-way through 2012 I decided I would start working on “tangible” art with more frequency. I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember but I never played with much outside of graphite and colored pencils. This year I signed up for a year long art journaling course called Life Book 2013. I have already finished the first two projects and I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am at all I have managed to learn in just these two projects!

I have never used water soluble wax pastels before but I used them a lot for these projects and have fallen head over heels in love with the medium. I have been meaning to make a new layout for this blog but nothing I come up with has felt right but I’ve been focusing on digital art and colored pencil. I am hoping my new passion for mixed media will bring something that feels right to fruition for a new blog layout.
So, tonight I am going to try to hang out in my bedroom playing with this new medium I’ve found and see what I can come up with.  Oh and I should share my most recent color pencil endeavor before I go:
I am really interested in the steampunk theme that’s gained popularity the past couple of years so I may do more stuff in that theme as time passes. What do you think of steampunk? Read any good books in the genre? I am really interested in learning more about it.
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4 Responses

  1. ♥ Paula ♥

    How arty farty of you.. I dont even know what you are saying about the crayon i will have to google it.. But isn’t it funny how when you find something you cant stop using them. I mean I love all my colouring mediums except flexmarkers, they are too dangerous for me.. I haven’t the lightest touch so they bleed all over.

    As for steampunk I will have to really look close, I hate the dark colours and the grungy look that seems to go with it… Maybe I can pink it up a lot bwahahahahahaha!! I dunno book either, I never even thought about it. I will have to research it up, come to think about it I don’t really understand what steampunk is… Oh well I can blog about it lol..


  2. Manda

    If anyone could pink it up it would be you Paula hehe. I love love these water soluble wax pastels. You can use them watercolor pencils but then you can also use them a lot like normal pastels or crayons. They are very creamy and vibrant.

  3. Danie May

    Both your fairy art mother and journey page are gorgeous Manda. My favorite color is purple and teamed with the yellow you can’t help but smile when seeing both of these works. Your fairy art mother has such a gentle look about her and I love that you are travelling your journey unicorn style! xx

  4. Manda

    Thank you so much Danie!! =D