Art haul =)

Art haul =)

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I like seeing what other people use to make stuff. Particularly beauty blogs because I never see hauls on art blogs 🙁 Maybe we can start a trend?? Sometimes I learn about something in a haul that I’ve never heard of before and want to try out ^_^  I’ve also found ways to save a little money from hauls. So I am going to share my hauls here and maybe you will find something new to try out!

First, my lucky haul from Dollar Star. I say this haul was lucky because my sister Amm and I decided to drop by the Dollar Star while we were doing our mall walk today and as it turns out they were closing down! Since it was their last day open everything was marked down and then reduced again 50%. I am sure you know how excited I was to find they had loads of stuff that would be useful for cardmaking, smashing, scrapbooking, art journaling etc… super cheap! Most of this stuff was 88 cents and then reduced 50%. I think I spent $5 maybe on all these art supplies. There are glitter glues, stickers, foam appliques, sticky notes, glitter stickers. I feel like it was a pretty good find. I also purchased a few household items super cheap as well ^_~ So my tip for the day is give your local dollar stores a go by, you never know what you will find!

I dragged my wonderful, patient sister and my grandbaby to Michaels to pick up a Recollections planner for myself and Paula (who sadly doesn’t have a Michaels in the UK :(( ) and of course that led to a little overspending. I can’t help it, there are two places I simply cannot go into unsupervised: an animal shelter because I want to take them all home and an arts and crafts store because I will run out of money before I leave =P I didn’t go too overboard today though. I got a few scrapbook paper singles as well as some cardstock, I got my very first official smashbook* (yay – so excited!), the planners, some stuff to use in my smashbook* and planner, and that’s it. I did pretty good really!!! ^_^


Then I came home and a package I have been waiting for for-ever had finally arrived! YAY! This haul is from Dick I wanted to give markers a try and the Copics are mostly way out of my price range so I got a few sets of Promarkers, some singles and some Copic singles of colors I thought I might use for coloring skin. I also picked up some quality wax pastels since a few of my Reeves pastels were so awful. And lastly I got some good quality cardstock for my handmade cards. I am totally addicted to making cards. It really is such a relaxing pastime isn’t it??


And that is my art haul =)

I actually didn’t get time to finish up the digis I started for this week’s release but I think I am going to start releasing them every two weeks instead. This gives my design team time to make something special so you can see what can be made from the digis. I am still looking for designers for my design team by the way so if you are interested check this page out

Oh and the first thing I did after I unloaded my haul today…


I count my blessings everyday. It’s the best way I know to stay positive and present and loving. <3

Thanks for dropping by!

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6 Responses

  1. Tara N Colna

    Oh love your art haul!!!! I posted one on my blog on Monday. lol
    I’m still waiting for my second shipments to come in and will be posting it once everything does. 😉
    You can find a lot of good stuff at the dollar store sometime. I like getting some of the wood pieces they have there.

  2. Manda

    Oh my gosh Tara how do I not have your blog?? lol I found it though <3 <3 I'm off to peruse =P *Hugs*

  3. ♥ Paula ♥

    Ok that’s it I’m moving to the states. Our local craft store is like 3 isles.. NO Fair! But a great hawwwwwwwwwwwwwll.. Thank you for sharing x

  4. Manda

    I would be so ecstatic if you moved to the states lol <3 Thanks for checking it out and commenting!! =D

  5. Pixie Wildflower

    Great haul! I don’t know what I would do without our local dollar stores.

  6. Angel

    Great haul! Yes Paula you need to move your hiney here so we can bother you in a more personal way!