My first smash page! Yay ^_^
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My first smash page! Yay ^_^

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First I just wanted to show you guys what I found when I went to bed last night…

Tony, Autumn and Penny… no room for Mama in the bed lol

This is what happens when I get to bed late lol. Penny takes my spot! I love cuddling up with my babies at night. It’s how my parents did things and it’s how my late husband and I chose to do them as well. When it comes to things in life that do not come with an owner’s manual, I try to imagine what my ancestors might’ve done before the comforts and security of modern age. Can you imagine living in the wild with so many dangers and not sleeping with your baby safe in your arms? Not me! Not to mention it made breastfeeding so so much easier. They have their own beds in their bedrooms where all their stuff goes but at night it’s always warmer in the blankets with Mama ^_~ Too bad my two oldest think they are too old now hehe.

But onto my first go at smashbooking. I had a look at the official smash* books and while they were pretty neat I thought I might want something a little blanker. Yes, the lack of blank pages turned me off – totally surprised right? Pftsh! ^_~ Anyhoo, so instead I picked up a mixed media sketchbook and decided to get creative.

I thought I had some little odds and ends but if I do I am not totally sure where I put them lol. So I made due without them. I really wish I was not such an awful photographer! But I surprised myself at my cutting skills. I guess 1500 hours in cosmetology training paid off at least in some way hehe. I started work on some more Valentine’s digis today. I still have to get them into Photoshop but the sketches are pretty cute if I must say so myself:
And last but certainly not least… Grammie’s little ray of sunshine Aiden – to brighten everyone’s day ^_^

Thanks for dropping by ^_^

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2 Responses

  1. ♥ Paula ♥

    Meh kids, they do love mama’s bed. I dunno but I still get in with my mum for a chat. Well for a first scrapbook page it’s brilliant… Careful you dont become to addicted to them, they seem to take over your life lol… Your photo’s havent came out that bad, I can see what you are showing pah!! Don’t sweat it lol!

    Your little buttoned nosed man is so cute thanks for sharing him xx

  2. Amanda Kisner

    If my mom were in the same country I would do the same hehe. And I definitely see myself becoming addicted lol. I just bought my first digi stamps tonight which might seem funny since I like to draw so much but I could see the smash pages already designed around them haha. Anyhoo xoxo