Merry Christmas!
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Merry Christmas!

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I hope you are having an amazing holiday. Since my children are all beyond the age of believing we’ve changed our tradition from Christmas morning present opening to Christmas Eve. They all seem to love what I got for them so I am especially happy. Tomorrow we are hosting a dinner for my family which I am looking forward to. Hopefully my brother and his family will make it tomorrow, I really miss my little nieces a bunch. I am a little bit lonely tonight. It’s my first Christmas as a single woman in essentially 18 years and with my children all getting older, well it’s taking some emotional adjustment for me. Also, I am super super sleepy tonight despite my afternoon nap hehe. I took care of all of my Christmas shopping and wrapping before Thanksgiving this year (rare for me ha!) so I didn’t have a whole lot to do today. After everyone opened presents I cozied up in my bedroom and did a little doodling. I think I might have sketched up my cutest little valentine drawings ever but I’ve gotta get them into Photoshop to ‘digitize’ them so I am going to share just a little sneak peek for now ^_~

And of course, being a gifter, I didn’t forget about you guys ^_^ For the next 48 hours this digital stamp is free for you
Sorry guys, this gift has expired!

I hope you enjoy her! I would love to see what you make from her!! ^_^ Thanks for visiting. Merry Christmas everyone!

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5 Responses

  1. ♥ Paula ♥

    Merry christmas my friend. I hope your day has been a nice one. Though usually spending it with family and friends can be either nice or horrid lol..

    Well the newest couple to hit and of course they are ad-or-able….. I dont know which one I love the most the more modern or the traditional.. POOO!! lol… Love the freebie thank you for sharing of course I have this already printed out x

  2. Kimberly

    Thanks so much for the wonderful image…and i just love the ones you are working on..super fine…have a great holiday

  3. Manda

    Thank you Kim & Paula <3 I hope you guys had a great holiday!

  4. Laine

    Hi Manda, Thank you for joining me at Dream Laine. You are very welcome. I came over to thank you and love your work. Thank you for the freebee, gorgeous. I am your newest follower.

    Hugs from

  5. Manda

    You’re welcome Laine and thank you! ^_^