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It has gotten sooo cold here! Thankfully it is nowhere near as cold as many places, but I could do without it regardless. I am a sun-bird. Give me sand between my toes and the sun’s warm rays against my back any day. I do love the beauty of the snow and one good snow a year is a pleasantry but snow all winter long? I’ll pass!

Aiden was a little on the cranky side today so getting around to doing a whole lot was pretty difficult. But during his happy periods we would play and play and when I had him all tuckered out and napping I did manage to work on my angel painting. I thought I would share some images of the process. I always love seeing them from other artists – they’ve taught me a lot actually. So I always like to share mine in case someone else gets the same benefit from it. So here goes:

This is just where I scribbled out the idea that was in my head.
Here I took the idea into Photoshop and started refining things.
Fleshing out the concept a bit.
Details make such a difference.
I am not sure why but I always start with the skin.
Here I am working out what colors I want to use in each area. I also worked on her face a good deal here.
Foundation colors have all been laid in here.
It took me hours to color in the hair and dress. Work work work! hehe
I’ve gone in and colored everything up here. Just a little refining to do and perhaps a few extra details.
And voila! The finished artwork. ^_^

I spent at least 10 hours on this. But I am really happy with her. I am going to order a print of her for my mother who loves angels and that will be her Christmas gift though no doubt she will get it late since I’m mailing it from South Carolina, USA to BC, Canada lol.

In other news I am excited to have two weeks off from nannying my grandbaby. Fortunately no one is going anywhere so he will still be here for me to cuddle and love on but so will his mother so I can insist she take him when he gets fussy then point and laugh as she works her tail off to settle him down ^_~ I kid, of course.

Whew. I am tired and it’s definitely past my bedtime! I have a feeling I will not be getting up before the sun in the morning. The kids have a half day tomorrow and then it’s holiday break! Happy Winter Solstice my friends ^_^

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3 Responses

  1. Amber Patton

    That is so beautiful!! I am envious of your talents!! It is cold here too, I could pass on it lol

  2. ♥ Paula ♥

    It isn’t cold here but it hasnt stopped raining and it’s driving me mad, I will need a boat to get anywhere lol

    Well what can I say, another fabulous piece of work from you. Amber is so right, your talent is outstanding..

    Thank you for sharing x

  3. fairy454

    This is Beautiful.